It would be fair to say that most of us love to receive a bunch of flowers. Even if we’re not a so-called flower person, the thought of someone taking the time to buy them for us is enough to put a smile on our face.

In fact, this was the inspiration behind today’s article. I was recently bought a bouquet from Avas Flowers, after my other half saw their amazing Ava Flowers Instagram page full of inspiration. I’ve since found several other Avas Flowers pages which have taken my attention, but that’s enough on this brand for now.

If we return to the topic of giving flowers, not all bunches are equal. Each can serve a different occasion and I will now go over some of the most common life events to highlight my point in question.

What flowers should you give for a birthday?

Let’s start with an easy occasion. Birthdays are great for flowers as in short, the rules are utterly lax.

As long as they look bright, anything goes. Nothing else needs to be said here.

What flowers are suitable for Christmas?

When it comes to Christmas, we turn to a few more specific flower types. A Christmas cactus can often grab the headlines for all of the right reasons, with the green and red fitting perfectly into the festivities.

However, that’s not all, with the other obvious example being holly. Poinsettia and Amaryllis are a couple of other suggestions but like most of the things we are talking about today, colour is the main theme. Find a flower with so-called Christmas tones, and you’ll be onto a winner.

What flowers work at weddings?

Unsurprisingly, a little more care and attention needs to be taken with these final two categories.

In relation to a wedding, we’re not going to dive in and provide some hard and fast, specific flowers. Instead, we’ll just leave you with the advice of going seasonal. Whether you are a guest or the bride herself, just remember that flowers are a major part of a wedding and as such, you do need to keep one eye on cost. If you opt for something that isn’t in season, you’ll be paying through the nose for them as they are so difficult to get hold of.

In terms of colour, pale usually works best but nowadays, wedding colour schemes can vary so much that we really would advise you to take this on a case-by-case basis.

What flowers are appropriate for funerals?

In some ways, even more attention needs to be taken with funerals. We will give some specific examples here, with the following always safe bets for a funeral:

  • White roses
  • White lilies
  • Posies
  • Carnations

While white is most commonly use, it’s worth mentioning that any subdued tones are usually appropriate. For example, some may opt for a pale pink flower, but again this is going to largely depend on how well you know the deceased person in question.

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