Using ceiling panels in interior is a terrific way to create top quality and functional ceiling spaces. These panels could be both functional and aesthetically important.

There are lots of purposes of panels for example transporting lighting fixtures to supplying special purpose for instance acoustic, noise reduction and soundproofing.

Ceiling panels come in a number of materials for example made from cork, wood, metal etc. These panels will also be appropriate for most kinds of roof shapes for example truss, flat, vaulted.

Let us take a look at the most typical functions of those panels employed for interior lighting.

1) Within the first type the whole ceiling area is included using the selected ceiling tiles or plans utilizing a square grid. Metal ropes are utilized to “hang” the ceiling panels from built ceiling at corners from the grid. Then based upon the panel material the panels are screwed for this grid from bottom.

The primary purpose of this kind of paneling would be to carry lighting fixtures. This really is used in an exceedingly large column less space just like an auditorium or large work place. The grid layout makes it simple to keep and

service later on.

2) Within the second type the panels are utilized as secondary source of light. Rather of transporting the sunshine fixture together, these panels only receive light using their company lighting sources and reflects evenly within the entire space. With this purposed there is a very glossy finish to combine reflection. The size and shape from the panels or if to utilize a single or multiple panels is extremely carefully labored

out based upon the amount and placement of direct light sources.

This kind of paneling works well with small offices for example conference halls, cabins, residential family room etc. As these panels also becomes an element of the entire design form, a really careful

thought should be given concerning the theme from the design before setting them up.

3) Within the third type ceiling panels are utilized very creatively by creating levels. This involves a considerable ceiling height to be able to have fun with levels and permit a great “mind room” underneath the cheapest reason for the ceiling. Within this type the low level ceiling panels carry the sunshine fixtures and throw direct light around the 2nd floor ceiling panels to enable them to distribute it evenly in remote part of the space.

Fitting may also be used to direct around the walls to produce a “mood”. the greatest benefit of this kind of system would be that the source of light is hidden from direct vision and therefore results in a very smooth and uniform lighting within the usable interior space.

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