Screening of an investor is a very important task in selling a house. You need to ensure that the investor whom you are hiring is legitimate. To perform the investigation, a seller has to ask a few screening questions.  Reviews and testimonials also play a significant role in knowing the credibility of an investor.

For how many years have you been working in this field?

This is a question that is asked to learn about the experience of an investor. The higher the experience, more capable, knowledgeable and skillful will be the investor in dealing with house sale matters. Even if it costs you a little more, you must choose only the one who is experienced than an inexperienced one.

How many houses have been sold by you / your company in the last year?

No matter how much knowledge or experience an investor has in dealing with houses, if he can’t translate it to actual sales, then it is of no use. So, along with the experience, it is always important to know their skills in selling a house. A good investor should sell six to twelve houses in a year to get considered for buying a house.

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Would you mention me any HVAC specialist to work with, who wants to sell house for cash?

This question is the test of character of an investor. As every reputed investor has a dedicated HVAC specialist who can be trusted.  If they fail to provide any name, then it is not a positive indication. This investor might not care about developing strong ties with their trades. He may be always looking to get a better deal. Beware of such kind of investors.

How do you get the funds to buy my house?

This is a question where you are keen in knowing the source of funds which they would pay you for your house. You can ask them to provide proof of funds just to make sure that the money that is being provided to you is legal. Many people hesitate in asking this question. But there is nothing wrong in knowing about the source of funds.

If the investor is taking a loan from bank, then you should ask them to provide a certified bank statement. Each and every financial institution, bank, title company, lender, and realtor know the importance of “Proof of Funds” statement. It is considered to be a standard practice that is in the best interest of buyer. With this information, he can be rest assured that he is dealing with a genuine investor.



With several investors present in the market, it is difficult to figure out the reliable one from them.  This questionnaire will really prove helpful in finding a credible investor to make it a successful, satisfactory and profitable deal.

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