A sideboard is called a buffet. It is long, narrow, and offers storage solutions. These small cupboard designs were introduced in the late 18th century and primarily used in the dining room to serve food and store various dining room essentials. Given their versatility and convenience, they gradually found their way to the other rooms as well. In modern homes, you can find sideboards in almost every room. If you too want to buy a sideboard for your home interior design but are not sure about how to use this small cupboard design properly, here are a few tips that will help you:

01 of 05 Place your sideboard in the dining room

The sideboard was initially meant for the dining room. You can place one in your dining room as well. People who tend to host social gatherings frequently can benefit from it the most. This is because they will be able to use the furniture piece to store essential dining room items like cutlery, dishes, napkins, etc. As a result, they will not have to leave the room to get the essentials when required. They will be easily accessible. This will save time and reduce unnecessary effort. Also, you can use the sideboard for serving food. Just make sure that you invest in a good quality tabletop so that it does not get damaged when you put a hot or cold plate on it. Also, the tabletop should be easy to clean as people can spill on it.

02 of 05 Place one in your living room

The dining room is certainly one of the best places where you can use a sideboard. However, you can consider placing one in your living room as well. Since they are narrow, they will not occupy a lot of space. Hence, you can use one even if your living room is small. The sideboard can be used for storing plenty of items in your home interior design. Items like your TV, PlayStation, music system, etc. can be kept on the sideboard. You can even keep the wires hidden to remove unnecessary clutter. If it comes with drawers or cabinets, they can be used to store other items you want to keep hidden, like books, remotes, magazines, etc. People often keep decor items on them as well, such as vases and statuettes, to elevate the appeal of the room.

03 of 05 Get one for your workspace

The work-from-home culture has witnessed a boom in the last few years. To increase productivity, people have set up a separate workspace. However, maintaining the workspace is quite difficult for many. If the work desk gets too cluttered, your productivity will be affected. To ensure that the desk stays clean and organised, you should get a sideboard. You can place the sideboard right next to your work desk so that you can easily access it while working without leaving your desk. This will save time. Also, you can remove all the items from your tabletop to the sideboard storage. You can even place office devices like a printer on the sideboard.

04 of 05 Do not forget about the hallway

The hallway is a narrow and small space in most homes. If your hallway is small, too, you will have to be very careful while designing it. Adding space-saving furniture pieces will be helpful as it will keep the area from appearing too congested. Also, you may not be able to move freely in the hallway. This is why a sideboard is considered the perfect solution for a hallway. Its narrow shape will easily fit into small spaces. You can use it to add more style and appeal to the space. Moreover, the sideboard will offer storage for your essentials like keys, hats, gloves, etc. You can place a few decor items on it as well for added visual interest.

05 of 05 Create a bar unit

Do you enjoy making different cocktails and mixing drinks from time to time? In that case, a home bar unit is a great idea for your home. However, you do not always have to spend a fortune to create a fancy home bar. There are many simple solutions you can consider as well. For instance, you can turn a sideboard into a bar unit. It will be a great addition to your entertainment area. Look for a sideboard with sufficient storage so that you can store all the essentials in it. However, if you want to keep something on display, you can keep them on the tabletop. It will add more visual interest to the home interior design.

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