When designing a wardrobe, people mostly focus on storage. Although storage is crucial, you will have to pay attention to a few other elements, like lighting. Lighting plays a key role in making your wardrobe design appealing and functional. It ensures that every corner of your wardrobe stays well-lit. This will allow you to see everything clearly and make finding things in your wardrobe easier. However, that is not the only benefit of wardrobe lighting. You can find various lighting options that will make your wardrobe design more appealing. In case you are not sure about how to light up your wardrobe interiors, here are a few tips that will help you:

01 of 05 Install drawer lights

A bedroom wardrobe features drawers for storage. They are essential to keep the wardrobe interiors organised. You can easily store lots of items in them. The only issue some people face with them is that the interiors do not stay well-lit. You can easily take care of this problem by installing drawer lights. These lighting fixtures come with sensors that turn the lights on as soon as you open the drawer and turn them off after a few seconds, you close the drawer. This proves to be very convenient as you do not have to turn the lights off and on repeatedly. Stick to energy-efficient LEDs so that they do not consume a lot of energy and last a long time.

02 of 05 Focus on an area with a spotlight

You might find it a little difficult to light up your wardrobe interiors, especially when you are trying to give special attention to some of your outfits and shoes. The problem can easily be solved by opting for spotlights. Spotlights are great for highlighting any space in your wardrobe. It will give your wardrobe design interiors an appealing look as well. Consider choosing LED spotlights as they consume very little energy. Also, they are durable and can easily last a couple of years. Buy from renowned brands so that you can get a two-year warranty as well.

03 of 05 Decorate with wardrobe strip lights

Even if you create a well-designed wardrobe, the interiors might appear boring and unappealing. This issue can be easily solved by investing in LED strip lights. These light strips are very popularly used in modern homes. Their flexibility and versatility are the main reasons behind their popularity. They will take your bedroom wardrobe interiors to the next level. The interiors will appear luxurious and stylish. You can easily find them in many different sizes and colours for your wardrobe. Therefore, you can easily choose an option that complements the rest of the wardrobe design. Also, people love this option because strip lights do not cost a lot. It is perfect for you if you want budget-friendly options.

04 of 05 Illuminate the space with LED downlights

Although lighting your close interiors can make the space functional and appealing, not everyone likes this idea. The LED downlight option is perfect for those people. These lighting fixtures are installed outside the modern bedroom cupboard design or on the ceiling. Therefore, they will impact the look of the space outside the wardrobe as well. You will be able to set the right tone and mood for the space. Also, these lights will prove to be very beneficial if your dressing area is near the wardrobe. The lights will allow you to see your reflection more clearly. Many people prefer installing them with dimmers. This allows them to control the brightness level of the lights and set the right glow according to the mood. Look for LED recessed downlights so that you can illuminate the space with occupying visual space. Moreover, it is an economical choice.

05 of 05 Use LED battens

Advancement in technology has made it possible to make smart lights. Smart lights are great for lighting up your wardrobe interiors. These are called smart lights because you can connect them to any application or smart accessory. You can use these lights to illuminate the wardrobe interiors and give them an extraordinary look.

These lighting fixtures are designed to distribute light in your wardrobe interiors evenly. This ensures that the entire space stays well-lit and you can see everything clearly while trying to find something. In case you have a large wardrobe, you can opt for a 2 feet batten light instead of a 1 foot batten light. It will help to ensure that the interiors stay well-lit. You will not have to invest in more one as well. One high-powered tube is sufficient for any standard modern bedroom cupboard design.

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