You will have to design the alcoves in your home properly. Otherwise, the arch design will appear awkward and boring. You may find the task a little challenging and tricky. However, when done correctly, the area can add a lot of visual interest to the home design. There are a lot of interesting arch design ideas you can come up with for these spaces. You will have the complete freedom to be as creative as you want and add a wide range of elements. If you are not sure about how to design the alcove space, here are a few ideas shared by renowned interior design service providers you can consider:

01 of 06 Designing the alcove under the stairs

In many homes, the space underneath the stairs is often left untouched. This is mostly because the area is oddly shaped. As a result, a lot of valuable space gets wasted. In small homes, this can be problematic. You should try to come up with ideas to make use of the space efficiently. Many homeowners prefer to get a display unit for this space and display many beautiful decor items and artwork. If you want to give the space a more personal touch, you can display items like your artwork, crockery collection, etc. People who love books can opt for a shelving unit to organise and display all the books. If sufficient space is available, interior design service providers suggest laying a rug for added visual interest. Do not forget to install lighting near the area so that you do not experience difficulty while looking for something.

02 of 06 A home office

Post the pandemic situation, many organisations are offering permanent work-from-home opportunities and following the hybrid culture. Hence, a lot of people are working from their homes. To ensure that efficiency and productivity are not compromised, a dedicated working space is required. People with small homes may struggle to find free space for a great home office. For this purpose, making use of the alcove can benefit you significantly. It will allow you to create a small section of your house into a dedicated home office. Besides adding a desk and chair, interior design service providers suggest installing lighting fixtures and adding bright colours to the space. Also, electrical outlets should be available so that you can plug in your appliances.

03 of 06 Decorate the space with greenery

Adding plants to your home decor is a great idea. Not only do they purify the air and make the area feel fresh but also add more colours and textures to the setup. Further, introducing greenery into your home’s interior design idea helps to create a relaxing and comfortable ambiance. This is because adding indoor plants makes people feel closer to nature. In most homes, plants are placed on the balcony. If you want to place them inside your home, making use of the alcove is a great idea. You just have to add a few shelves and place potted plants on them. Similarly, you can create a wall garden as well. Try to choose plants of different shapes and sizes to create an appealing look. Also, do not choose high-maintenance plants if you do not have free time to look after them. There are many great low-maintenance plants available in the market also.

04 of 06 Alcoves with windows

Not everyone is lucky enough to have alcoves with windows. If you have one, you should make the most of it. They offer you the perfect opportunity to make your home decor more interesting. One of the best ways to use this space is by creating a window seat. This will allow you to sit by your window whenever you want and enjoy the scenery outside. You can make this area more appealing by introducing a few contrasting colours and many textures.

05 of 06 Install a TV unit

The alcove in your home’s interior design idea will appear awkward if you leave it as it is. A great way to make use of it is by installing the TV unit there. The TV is the focal point in most living rooms. Installing the TV unit in the alcove will further make the space more highlighted. You can further decorate the TV unit by adding a few small decor items or indoor plants to the shelves.

06 of 06 Create a reading nook

A lot of people have the habit of reading books regularly. Creating a dedicated reading space for those bookworms will be very beneficial. They will be able to easily organise all the books in one place and not get disturbed while reading. The alcove is the perfect place for a reading nook. You will have to install a bookshelf and arrange all the books on the shelves. If you do not have sufficient books to fill all the shelves, add a few decorative items as well. Get a comfortable chair and place it near the bookshelf. Also, place a floor lamp by the chair so that sufficient light is always available for reading. You can throw a rug on the floor for added comfort and aesthetic appeal.

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