Introducing wallpapers into your space is the quickest way to add an element of drama and art into your abode. Wallpapers are picking steam this year. With a plethora of patterns, colours, designs and textures, choosing the perfect self-adhesive wallpaper for your home might seem like a daunting task. However, if you know what to look for, it can be a rewarding experience that will help you create your dream home.

We have decided to help you by sharing with you the key factors that you need to keep in mind while picking a home wallpaper.

Pay attention to your house theme

Before you go wallpaper shopping, carefully observe the theme of your home and the existing furniture pieces. Pick accent colours from your décor elements, which you can keep in mind while deciding the colours you want in your wallpaper. It would be disorienting for your guests if you use wallpapers that don’t match the overall aesthetics of your place. Imagine entering an industrial-themed house and spotting vibrant wallpapers with palm tree motifs on them. So, if you have a Victorian-themed house, then it is recommended that you go for a chic and elegant designer wallpaper, like maybe a baroque floral damask.

Know what you are looking for 

You must know your taste. You must pay attention to the wallpaper styles that reflect your personality and the colours that you gravitate towards. Look through design magazines and learn about the different wallpaper styles that you can choose for your home. Some gorgeous home wallpaper styles that are drawing attention this year are printed grass cloth, metallic, embossed, geometric, abstract and floral-themed wallpapers.

Choose the right hue 

Play with colours when it comes to wallpapers. If you want to make a room look intimate and cosy, then go for wallpapers in dark hues. Similarly, if you want to open up a tiny room, then go for bright wallpapers with well-spaced-out motifs that will make your room look airy, light and energetic.

Decide on the pattern 

Know what kind of patterns and designs spark joy in you. If you love miniature motifs, then you can consider going for floral-themed, geometric and forest-themed wallpapers. People who love intrinsic patterns, ethnic motifs, earthy hues and jewel tones must check out Asian Paints’ designer wallpapers called Nilaya. Remember to pay attention to the material of wallpaper that you want to install for your home. Some popular wallpaper materials that you can consider opting for are textile, damask, fabric and vinyl.

Consider metallic wallpapers 

You can consider introducing light into a dimly lit room by installing metallic wallpapers into the room. Metallic wallpapers instantly make a room appear opulent and chic without you having to spend a fortune.

Choose textured wallpapers 

Textured wallpapers are a great way to hide flaws like minor dents and holes in the wall. Do you feel like your space feels dull and flat? You can add depth and drama to your rooms by introducing textured wallpapers in them. Textured wallpapers are a great way to make a statement and make your place look unique and stylish.

Mix and Match

Who says that you can’t mix and match wallpapers? Experiment with home wallpapers and unleash your inner artist by mixing patterns and prints. A pro tip is to stick to using not more than 2-3 wallpapers in a room. Make sure that your wallpapers have common accent colours, which will bring them together and ensure that they don’t clash with each other.

So, have you decided to spruce up your space using a self adhesive wallpaper? Browse through the Asian Paints website and choose from the wide range of contemporary wallpaper designs which will transform your home.

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