Stair lifts have become a very popular choice for homeowners who live with the elderly, or disabled. If there is someone in the house who has difficulty with climbing up or down the stairs, adding a stair lift is by far the best option. Stair lifts are convenient options because they are motorised and the person doesn’t require any help to use it on their own. Some of the various different types of stair lifts that you can find in the market nowadays include:

  • Straight lifts
  • Curved stair lifts
  • Outdoor stair lifts

Depending on your preferences and the staircase on which the lift needs to be installed, you have to choose an appropriate model. However, throughout the installation process, you will also need to consult with a stair lift engineer in Coventry. Here’s why that is so important.

Structural Analysis

First and foremost, you will want to make sure that you hire an engineer who will visit your property and check whether the stair lift can be installed in the first place or not. If the structure is heavily compromised, installing the stair lift can actually cause further damage, and eventually lead to serious injuries.

Determine the Best Option

You can always consult with the stair lift engineer and find out which type of stair lift will be best suited depending on your requirements. They will be able to guide you better and eventually help you save quite a bit of money in the long run.

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