Designing an attractive living room starts with choosing the right lighting. By combining different types of lighting with each other and taking into account the polyvalent character of the living room, you can put together the perfect living room lighting.

Divide the living room into zones and take into account change

It goes without saying that the reading corner needs different lighting than the desk or the dining table. So do not randomly provide light points but first see which activities you want to carry out in the living room and where these will take place. If you are sure about the layout, you can start by determining the light points. When you are, then you can check the just click appliances to get the best quality lights with the finest options for your rooms.

In order not to fully secure the zones, you can also use portable lighting. For example, with a floor lamp you can move the seat more easily than if you opt for a fixed lighting fixture on the ceiling. By choosing a beautiful fixture you can also decorate the living room in an attractive way. Above you see two standing lamps of the best light. Use different lighting types now. To have optimal lighting in every situation, you can use accent lighting, general lighting and mood lighting.

Basic lighting

This light source is also called the general lighting and is connected to the main switch. Its purpose is to comfortably illuminate the living room and usually consists of one or more central ceiling lamps or recessed spotlights. When choosing and installing the general lighting, first check whether there is no annoying light on the TV set and that there is no direct view of the lamp when you sit or lie in the chair.

Task lighting

This lighting ensures that you can perform accurate tasks such as reading and writing comfortably. Task lighting is indicated at the reading corner, the desk and the dining table when it is also used as a workplace. In order not to suffer from shadow, it is best to choose multiple light points from different viewpoints. Desk lamps, wall lighting and directional floor lamps are the most flexible forms of task lighting.

Ambient lighting

With mood lighting you can completely change the atmosphere in the living room and relax. You can of course use candles for this, but if you prefer to keep it tight and simple, dimmable accent lighting and discolour able LED lighting is the way to go! Because of their small size, the latter can be placed anywhere and can easily be added to furnish living rooms.

Format the lighting plan

Now that you know which lighting types can be used in the living room, it is time for the lighting plan. Using a sketch, you can define different zones and determine where the light points can come. Provide a combination of different lighting types and test your lighting before placing if there are doubts about the end result. Then you can visit just click appliances and pick that one that matches to your requirement.

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