Bed bugs survive on human blood. Their antenna feels the heat coming out of our body and smells the direction of carbon dioxide. Slowly, these creepy creatures crawl on our bed while we are asleep and bite us without knowing, as their antennae has some kind of anaesthetic feeling, and suck blood as much they require.

It is said that during ancient times, bed bugs survived in caves and fed on bat’s blood and never came out from their hiding place. So how do you think this probleme de punaise de lit started in our society? Scientists say that when humans entered their cave and left to come out, they carried these bed bugs with them to the outside world.

Bed bugs multiply quickly therefore, it is essential to contact an expert who can handle this mess skilfully. They examine the entire house such as sofas, beds, tables, cracks, switch boards to find all places where there is a possibility of bed bugs hiding.

Here are some more benefits of appointing a bed bug destroyer company-

  • They are well equipped with latest chemicals and machines like baits, traps, fogging equipment etc. that aren’t hazardous on human kind but, people are still suggested to stay away from the places where these pesticides are sprayed.
  • They have experience of many years and thus they can easily detect bugs as they are aware of their favourite places. Also, only they know the right way of using harsh chemicals and equipments properly.
  • After dealing with bed bugs they ensure that they leave the house after cleaning the mess, if that includes removing those dead bugs as well.

  • Before leaving your house, they will provide you with advice to maintain a house without bugs. They always have simple solutions that can be managed in your daily job.
  • Removing bed bugs can become a tedious job for you as you’re not expert in this field, but an exterminator handles it professionally and faster than you can, as they’ve been in this profession for years.
  • Keeping harsh chemicals at home can be risky therefore, calling a pest control agency is always safe as they carry their own chemical and before leaving remove all hazardous things from your house.
  • Apart from all these things, the service is cheaper than the furniture that is being destroyed by the bugs.

These dirty, smelly and untidy creatures are now always looking for an opportunity to feed on us. Now this insect has spread worldwide, all you have to do is visit an untidy place and you can carry them home on your clothes.

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