Having an additional propane tank at home is always handy. Besides being used for outdoor activities, you can have one as an emergency alternative. Of course, propane tanks are anything but pleasing for the landscape and interiors of the house, and it’s not surprising that most people want to color their tanks in a quirky and fun way. While you can paint your propane tank, there are a few dos and don’ts that must be followed. Read on to find some of the most relevant aspects discussed below.

Selecting the color

Well, painting a propane tank isn’t as hard as people might think, but the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) has set a few standards with regards to the color. The standards basically mention that propane tanks must be colored in a light color – a shade that’s more reflective in nature. Depending on where you live, there can be additional federal and state laws that might be applicable, so you may have to check for that later. Some of the common colors that are used for such gas tanks include light gray, white and silver. Some of the other lighter shades might be acceptable, but you may have to talk to your propane supplier in this regard.

Why propane tanks need a light color?

You must have read in your science class back in school that dark colors tend to absorb heat, while the lighter shades do the opposite – these colors reflect light. If you paint your propane tank in a color like black, the tank will start absorbing heat, which will lead to the expansion of the gas. Also, if you subject the gas to higher temperatures, there are serious additional concerns, given that propane is a highly combustible gas. So, when your gas supplier talks about using the lighter and permitted colors, this is for your own safety.

Other things to note

There are paints that are specially designed for metal surfaces, and those are the ones you should use for painting your propane. If the propane tank is already rusting, you may have to get it checked first, especially when the tank is too old. Otherwise, you can remove the rust using simple sandpaper before using the paint. If you paint the rusted surfaces, it may compromise with the structural integrity of the tank, which is best avoided.

Check with your propane gas supplier to find more details!

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