Small kitchens can be as appealing and functional as large kitchens. You just have to make sure that you add the necessary kitchen items. Even if you do not have sufficient kitchen appliances, countertop space or cabinet space, these items will help to keep your kitchen interior design idea functional and organised. If you are not sure about what these items are, mentioned below are a few:

01 of 07 A rack for drying your utensils

You may not have a lot of free countertop space if you have a small kitchen. Hence, drying your utensils on the countertop can be an issue. A regular drying rack will not prove to be very useful in this case as it will take up a lot of countertop space as well. Instead, you should opt for an expandable drying rack. Once you are done washing your utensils, the rack can be expanded on the sink and you can easily dry the utensils on it without sacrificing essential countertop space. Make sure that the rack you are buying has slits so that water can pass and fall into the sink.

02 of 07 Replace your regular coffee maker with a compact one

Many people cannot function properly in the morning without coffee. Gone are the days when people used to make coffee after waking up. Most people have shifted to modern coffee makers that do not require any assistance in preparing the coffee. However, people with small kitchen designs can struggle with a regular coffee machine due to the shortage of countertop space. This is why choosing a compact coffee machine proves to be more advantageous for people with small kitchens. Do not worry about the quality of your coffee if you are choosing one. These are as efficient and good as regular coffee machines.

03 of 07 A nesting set of mixing bowls

Bowls are very essential just like kitchen appliances. They are used for various purposes from preparing ingredients to storing cooked food. However, storing lots of bowls in a small kitchen with limited storage can be difficult. They will take up all your cabinet space. This is why it is better to choose a nesting set of mixing bowls. Since you can store the smaller bowls in the larger bowls, you just need enough space in your cabinet to store the large bowl.

04 of 07 Switch to a magnetic knife holder

Knives were before stored in knife blocks. Although they are a great choice, you can opt for more space-efficient options. For instance, magnetic knife holders are great. Unlike knife blocks, magnetic knife holders do not take up countertop space. Instead, they make use of vertical space for storage. You will have to install the magnetic base on the wall and attach the knives to the magnet. This will give you the option to keep your knives anywhere you want for easy access. Also, you will not have to waste time looking for a particular knife as all of them will be clearly visible. Besides making use of space efficiently, a magnetic knife holder will give your kitchen a more sleek and contemporary look.

05 of 07 Wall-mounted food dispensers

Food dispensers are great for small kitchens. This is a wall-mounted item as well. Although food storage containers can be used for storage in your pantry and kitchen cabinets, it is better to choose wall-mounted food dispensers because they help in making use of space efficiently. You can use them to store a variety of items in them but make sure you only choose dry goods like pasta or rice. People with kids at home can fill one with cereal so that they can access it easily during breakfast.

06 of 07 A cabinet shelf that can expand

In most modular kitchen interior design ideas, you will find plenty of cabinets. They make use of vertical space efficiently. However, they might not make use of horizontal space properly. You can solve this issue by opting for an expandable cabinet shelf. The shelf can be expanded depending on your needs and more items can be organised on it. During other times, you can keep the shelf folded and expand the space in your kitchen.

07 of 07 Add a floating glass rack

A lot of people have plenty of glassware in their homes. Storing all these spirit glasses in your kitchen cabinet can occupy a lot of space. This is why it is better to get a rack for your kitchen where you can store all your glassware. Purchase one that can fit under your cabinet. Very carefully organise all the glasses on the rack and make sure that they are clearly visible. Displaying a beautiful glassware collection in your kitchen can enhance the aesthetic beauty of the space as well. Also, you can easily access them whenever required.

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